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John J. Standifer Jr.   Attorney at Law

Common sense, results-driven legal counsel

Learn about the Probate or Estate Administration Process in Arizona.  Find out what happens if you die without a will - and discover what you need to do to protect your estate if you have recently moved to Arizona from another state.  John Standifer can help when you need a lawyer for probate or Tucson probate attorney.

Estate Law Attorney John Standifer Jr. stands in front of his law office in Tucson, Arizona.

When you need a Tucson probate attorney or probate law attorney, call the law offices of John Standifer..


Contact John Standifer today to discuss any legal issues for which you may need counsel.  

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Telephone 520 792-2450        Facsimile 520 882-4408     2720 E Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716       John@JStandifer.com

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Legal Counsel in Tucson

Tucson attorney John Standifer Jr. and staff

 For three decades, the law office of John Standifer in Tucson has been providing common sense legal counsel in Tucson and Arizona.

Estate Law Attorney Tucson

Arizona lawyer for probate

When you need an estate law attorney for estate planning and probate in Arizona, the law offices of John Standifer can help. Get guidance from an experienced probate law attorney.

Tax Law Attorney Tucson

When you need a tax law attorney in Tucson, help with tax law in Arizona, or other legal counsel, call the law office in Tucson that has a history of helping - call the law office of John Standifer.

As a general practitioner with an emphasis in taxation, tax law attorney  John Standifer has worked with clients on a broad variety of legal matters. 

A former CPA, he offers expertise in wills, trusts, probate, estate planning business and real estate transactions, and taxation. 

John's loyal client base is a testament to his diligent advocacy on his clients' behalf always demonstrating a responsible and dedicated pursuit of the best legal solutions.

​For many clients, a will coupled with beneficiary designations provides the least expensive and most simple estate plan.  But if your estate is more complex, we have all the tools to create the plan that protects you best. Get help with your will, set up a trust, or plan for your estate. Make your appointment today.

As a former CPA and with an advanced degree in taxation, a substantial portion of my practice deals with income and estate tax issues.  These issues involve tax planning, audits and the collections process.