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What Can An Arizona Tax Attorney Do for You?

Taxes can be complicated.  An Arizona Tax Attorney (sometimes referred to as a tax lawyer) has the training and experience to fully understand your complex tax issues.  We know how the IRS works and can help you resolve difficult tax situations.

A Tucson Tax Attorney Helps You Know Before You Sign

If you are considering any sort of business transaction, a consultation with a qualified tax attorney may save you money or headaches down the road.

 For example, tax questions may arise when you are:

  • Forming a new business
  • Reorganizing a business or partnership, including marriage or divorce
  • Buying or selling property, a business or investments like stock, bonds, precious metals or valuable artwork
  • Making large donations to a nonprofit organization
  • Considering gifts to family members
  • Establishing retirement funds
  • Setting up college funds
  • Developing your estate plan
  • Administering an estate or helping to move an estate through probate

Whatever sort of transaction you are considering, call on the Law Office of John Standifer, tax attorney in Tucson, for valuable guidance.  Tax lawyer John Standifer does not prepare income tax filings, but he can provide guidance about potential tax liabilities and steps you might take to lower tax impacts of anticipated business transactions.

A Tax Attorney in Tucson Can Be Your Advocate with the IRS or with United States Tax Court

Have you received an audit notice from the IRS?  Whether you actually owe taxes or not, just getting that audit notice can be stressful.  Working with a tax attorney can help to alleviate that stress. 

 A tax problem doesn’t go away by itself.  You may be facing a tax liability that will impact both your business and family’s financial future for many years.  If you ignore a tax liability – even one you feel is unfair or unfounded – you may be subject to collection effort that can include seizing bank accounts or personal property or garnishing your wages.

Getting a good Arizona tax attorney (Arizona tax lawyer) involved early can be especially useful.  The attorney has done this before – he or she has worked with the IRS many times before and knows how to move through the system effectively.

Mistakes can happen.  If you believe the IRS has misunderstood the facts of the situation and is making an invalid claim against you, it is important to present your case without delay.  Timely and effective communication with the IRS may even settle the issue without an actual audit.  An Arizona Tax Attorney can help in communicating with IRS officials, representing you during audit proceedings or even filing an appeal of a tax court decision.

Tucson tax attorney John Standifer’s long experience in tax law, along with his background as a Certified Public Accountant, makes him especially well qualified to review financial arrangements and issue Tax Opinion Letters for both individual and business transactions.

An Arizona Tax Attorney (tax lawyer) Can Save You Money in Real Estate Transactions

Real property transactions can have substantial tax consequences for parties involved.  John Standifer’s background in both law and tax issues makes our office especially able to help  you structure real property investments that meet your tax planning needs. 

Real Estate matters we handle include:

  • Purchase and Sale of real property – both residential and commercial
  • Formation of real estate partnerships for purchase, lease or sale of real property
  • Tax free exchanges of real property

To learn more about John Standifer’s work in real property transactions, see our Real Estate page.

An Arizona Tax Attorney Will Help You Create an Estate Plan That Minimizes Tax Liabilities for Your Estate

Estate planning is all about caring for future generations by passing along as much of your current wealth as possible – in a way that eliminates friction in the family.  His background as a Certified Public Accountant and his extensive experience as an estate attorney make John Standifer highly qualified to help you minimize taxes for your estate.  Please see Estate Planning for more.

Tucson Tax Attorney John Standifer Jr.

John Standifer, attorney at law, brings years of experience as a certified public accountant and tax attorney in Tucson to help you solve your tax law issues.

Tax Law attorney John Standifer areas of specialty include

  • IRS Tax Audits
  • Arizona Tax Audits
  • Estate Taxes
  • Tax Controversies
  • IRS Liens
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Protection from excessive inheritance taxes
  • Taxes and Trusts
  • Business taxes

Tax Law Attorney John Standifer Serves Arizona.  

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