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Telephone 520 792-2450               John@JStandifer.com

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Real Estate Law Tucson

Sales and Lease Documents

We are always available to draft or review sales or lease documents or to assist in the negotiation of the terms of sale or lease documents.

 In Arizona, unlike some other states, many real estate transactions, especially standard residential sales using competent real estate agents, board of realtors forms, standard financing and a title company, take place without involvement of an attorney.  However, I am glad to review your documents or handle your transaction for you if you prefer.

In complex sales or lease agreements, or for commercial lease or sale that may impact your business in many ways, a review by an attorney knowledgeable about local business law can save you time and money in the long haul.  If you believe you would benefit from the assistance of an attorney in negotiating a sale or lease agreement, it is always best to get the attorney involved early in the process.  

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