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Powers of Attorney

Almost every estate plan done by my office includes a health care power of attorney coupled with a living will and setting out my client’s wishes regarding organ and tissue donation.

Health Care Power of Attorney

For many people, a health care power of attorney and the living will are both the easiest and most important part of their estate plan.

The health care power of attorney designates a person to speak for the client regarding health care matters (including the determination of when care should be terminated) and the living will sets out the client’s wishes regarding when the client would want health care to be terminated.

If you or a loved one needs a health care power of attorney or would like to make a health care power of attorney part of your estate planning, call our office for an appointment.  John Standifer can help you create a health care power of attorney that works for you.

Durable Financial Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney

Most, but not all, estate plans also include a durable financial power of attorney. This financial power of attorney typically designates the person or persons who will handle a person’s affairs when that person becomes unable to handle their own affairs. 

The powers granted under durable power of attorney, whether they are financial powers of attorney or health care powers of attorney, ordinarily terminate at the time a person dies.

When you are ready to create a durable financial power of attorney or other durable power of attorney, John Standifer will help.  His common sense approach to estate planning and years of experience mean that your durable power of attorney will hold up in court.

Powers of attorney get stale

Even if the powers of attorney are technically valid, banks and title companies in particular sometimes decline to recognize older powers of attorney. It is a reasonable practice to update or re-execute (re-sign) your powers of attorney every few years.  

Special Needs Power of Attorney

- Legal trusts for special needs are best handled on an individual basis.  Call us to set an appointment for your special needs trusts or special needs power of attorney.


Get More Information - call our office to learn how we can help you with Powers of Attorney, durable power of attorney, financial power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney or power of attorney for special needs (Special Needs Power of Attorney).  If you are looking for a Tucson power of attorney lawyer, we can help.