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Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Planning

FAQ - What is an Advance Directive?

In Arizona, Advance Directive is a set of documents that includes your living will and your power of attorney for health care.

Your living will is a very simple form that lays out your end of life decisions. The living will specifies what sort of life saving medical care you want – and what you don’t want.

Your health care power of attorney names the person you trust to carry out those wishes for you.

The Advance Directive goes into effect at any time your doctor determines you are unable to communicate your wishes yourself – perhaps because you are in a coma, for example.

FAQ - When Should I Complete Advance Directive Forms?

Every person can have an up to date Advance Directive at all times. In fact, many medical providers ask for them, as do hospitals.

  • You may want to complete or update your living will if you are planning to have surgery or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Many people opt to fill out their Living Will as part of the estate planning process.
  • And you can complete or update both a Living Will and Power of Attorney any time you want to make sure you have done all you can to have your end of life wishes carried out.​

FAQ - I am just 19 Years Old – do I need a power of attorney 

Health care emergencies can happen at any time so Anyone over 18 years of age needs a healthcare power of attorney.  See more about the importance of a power of attorney for young adults here.

FAQ - What are the most important parts of a good estate plan?

Most estate plans begin with a will. 
See more about wills here.

In addition, I highly recommend adding:

  • Directions for care of dependents - like guardianship for children or individuals with special needs
  • A Living Will
  • Organ donation directives
  • A Health Care Power of Attorney who can carry out wishes you specified in the living will
  • A Durable Financial Power of Attorney who will handle your financial affairs if you are unable to do so
  • A list of personal items you wish to bequeath to specific individuals
  • Instructions or funds set aside to care for a beloved pet..