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Estate planning in Arizona can be a complex and confusing topic - but it doesn't have to be.

John Standifer, estate lawyer Tucson, and the law office of John Standifer  provide legal counsel for estate planning Tucson and probate in Tucson, legal counsel for the elderly, and legal help setting up wills, trusts and beneficiary designations.  

We have many estate planning tools  - including wills, trusts, and beneficiary designations – that we can use to create an estate plan that fits your needs. 

Why is estate planning important?

Tucson estate attorney offers insights into estate planning

A death or sudden serious illness can be devastating to a family.  Planning now can help to make those times easier for your loved ones.  Tucson estate attorney John Standifer at the law offices of John Standifer Jr. can help.

Preparing to plan can make estate planning easier

Good estate planning Tucson includes gathering information about these important items:

  • Funeral plans (arrangements you have made, receipts for prepaid plans, your instructions and the names and contact information for those persons who should be notified.)
  • your insurance policies - where to find them or the company and policy number
  • any wills, living trusts, real estate deeds, mortgages or other loan documents
  • your retirement accounts and social security account information
  • IRAs, 401(k), bank accounts, money you may have in money market or mutural fund accounts, any stocks or bonds you own
  • property stored in safety deposit boxes or safes or safe rooms - along with information about who has keys or combinations or access
  • property hidden at home or elsewhere
  • heirlooms or items you specifically wish to gift to individuals outside the will  (Ask your estate planning attorney for a form.)

When you need a Tucson estate attorney to help with estate planning in Arizona, contact John Standifer, Tucson estate attorney and estate planning lawyer.

Estate Planning Tucson - How can a Tucson Estate attorney help you plan for the future?

Most estate planning begins with a will. Once signed, this legally binding document tells your heirs and legal representatives who should inherit your estate and who is in charge of estate administration.  

Good estate planning in Arizona, however, goes far beyond just writing a will.  Here are five other important ways our law office can help you create an estate plan that fits your needs:

1.  Provide for children

If you have minor children you will want to name a Guardian so you know they are cared for if something happens to both parents.  You may also want to name an adult to act as trustee or conservator to handle whatever money or property your children inherit from you.

2. Make health decisions

  • Complete a Health Care Directive or Living Will to state your wishes regarding important medical decisions.
  • Complete a Power of Attorney for health care to give someone of your choice the right to make health care decisions when you cannot.

3.  Make financial decisions

  • Decide if a Living Trust is appropriate for you.   A trust may keep your heirs out of probate court.  In Arizona probate tends to be fairly simple, often making a living trust unnecessary.
  • Sign a Financial Power of Attorney - often called a Durable Power of Attorney - to give someone you trust authority to handle your money and your property if you can no longer do so.
  • Create a succession plan or buy-out agreement for any business you own.
  • Weigh the benefits of life insurance.
  • Update Beneficiary Forms - Naming a beneficiary for bank accounts, retirement plans and stocks and bonds may allow the property to move directly to the beneficiary without going through the probate process.  However, situations change over time and the beneficiaries you selected years ago may no longer be appropriate.
  • Understand the implications of any income or estate taxes.

4.  Make final arrangements

  • Spell out your wishes regarding burial or cremation.
  • Arrange for prepayment if desired.  You may be able to set up a funeral account with your bank and deposit funds that will be held to help your heirs pay for funeral expenses.
  • Decide if you wish to become an organ donor
  • Be clear on who should be notified of your death
  • Get all needed documents organized and stored where they can be located easily. 

Estate Planning Tucson

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Estate Planning Tucson

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